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Southern Maine University Field House equipted with Q-12A Loudspeakers

Field House
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Soundsphere loudspeakers with special mounting kits for easy arrangement of clusters allowing central source systems for good intelligibility in reverberant spaces.

Four Model Q-12A Soundsphere loudspeakers mounted 40 ft. (12.2m) above the center of The University of Southern Maine field house with a RT60 of 2.2 sec. at 1 kHz.
  • Full frequency, dramatic sound for music, and with proper design and equalization, intelligible voice.
  • Strong components can take abuse from stray balls, etc.
  • Very high rate of customer satisfaction.
  • Soundsphere loudspeakers are easy to demonstrate on site, so customers can hear how the system will sound in their own location.
  • A Soundsphere system is usually less expensive than other quality systems, very often, significantly less.

Field House
Rasti SPL
Quality of Speach Intelligibility