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Shawnee High School Gymnasium uses Q-12A Loudspeakers

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A Soundsphere System is Replaced with Something Better... a NEW Soundsphere System!

Although Soundsphere loudspeakers have always been known for their superior quality and high performance, they have been significantly improved over the years, a fact that is illustrated by a recent installation at Shawnee High School in Medford, NJ. As Shawnee's Athletic Director Mike Matthews tells the story, "In our gym, we were trying to make do with an old system of four small Soundspheres and an ancient amplifier. The gym was just too large for the speakers that were originally specified. We needed a new system that would provide the whole gym with clear, powerful sound for pep rallies, game announcements and the singing of the national anthem."

Unaware of the expanded full-frequency coverage area of the latest Soundsphere loudspeakers, the school's Booster Club budgeted sufficient funds to purchase four new Soundsphere speakers and two new amplifiers. It was later determined, however, that only two Q-12A speakers and one amplifier were required to produce high-quality sound in the entire gym. As a result, there was enough money left over to purchase another item on the school's "wish list": a portable defibrillator for cardiac emergencies.

Ed Tabian, Treasurer of the Shawnee High School Booster Club, says, "The use of Soundsphere speakers has benefitted the school in two ways. Not only do we have much better sound in the gym, but we also have the security of an on-site defibrillator."
  • A single Soundsphere® loudspeaker can cover a gym up to 100 ft. x 100 ft. (30m x 30m) with full frequency sound. Q-combo kits make it easy to install multiple speakers for more sound pressure level and extended coverage.
  • A sub bass speaker is available for extended low frequency performance.
  • Light weight of Soundsphere® speakers and Q-Combo kits allow placement flexibility and quick, easy retrofit or new installation.
  • A single source of sound, easily facilitated with Soundsphere® speakers and Q-Combo kits, is often desirable for good intelligibility in spaces with poor acoustics.
  • Rugged fiberglass enclosures withstand impact from sports implements such as basketballs, hockey pucks, etc.
  • A Soundsphere® system can produce both dramatic music and good voice intelligibility without complex design and engineering.

Why Choose a Soundsphere Loudspeaker

Q: We have two big speakers mounted on the walls of our gym. When we use the sound system, there is so much echo that we can’t understand what is being said. The system installer says we need more speakers and more amplifiers, but the cost is way over our budget. Do you have any ideas?

A: Adding more speakers to your system will not necessarily raise speech intelligibility. In all likelihood, it will be further degraded. A single Soundsphere Q-12A in the center of the room will produce even coverage of voice and quality music at high sound pressure levels. A single, central source is the best solution for good speech intelligibility in a reverberant environment like your gym. You should be able to use the existing amplifier, and the reasonable cost fo the installed Soundsphere speaker should meet your budget requirements.