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Q-12A Soundsphere Loudspeakers installed at Norwich Navigator’s Baseball Stadium

Norwich Navigators Baseball Stadium
Q-12 A loudspeakers were installed in the Norwich Navigator’s baseball stadium. Once the new sound system was installed, the fans have been treated to high-quality, professional entertainment audio. Soundsphere loudspeakers get the fans excited with powerful, full-range music and keep them informed with intelligible paging and voice announcements.

Five Model Q-12A Soundsphere loudspeakers mounted 40 ft. (12m) above field level in a baseball stadium, with a RT60 of 0.85 sec at 1 kHz.

Very few Soundsphere loudspeakers are necessary for dramatic results. Soundsphere loudspeaker systems can be very basic so the system is easy to operate and maintain.
  • Available in a weather resistant speaker for outdoor use.
  • Weather and foul ball–resistant.
  • Easy to demonstrate.
  • Lightweight and easy to install.
  • Can be mounted in many different and creative ways without elaborate rigging.

Norwich Navigators Baseball Stadium
Rasti SPL
Quality of Speach Intelligibility