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Indianapolis Speedway Grandstand uses Q-12A Loudspeakers

Speedway Grandstand
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This picture shows Soundsphere loudspeakers at the Indianapolis Speedway, home of the world-renowned Indianapolis 500 Memorial Day Race.

Three Model Q-12A Soundsphere loudspeakers mounted 35 ft. (10.7m) above a section of grandstand, similar to the one pictured, with a RT60 of 1.1 sec at kHz.
  • Small number of speakers can produce intelligible voice and dramatic music at high sound pressure levels.
  • Soundsphere Loudspeakers are light and easy to install; there is little or no stress on roofing systems.
  • These speakers don't have to be carefully aimed or aligned for full coverage; so set-up and system maintenance are less than a system with conventional speakers.
  • Because these loudspeakers are light and easy to install, they can be taken down and stored or used in other locations in seasons the grandstand is not in use.
  • Soundsphere loudspeakers can easily be demonstrated to potential customers so actual performance can be heard in the facility.

Speedway Grandstand
Quality of Speach Intelligibility