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Ice Rink uses Q-12A Loudspeakers

Ice Rink
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Soundsphere Loudspeakers are used in facilities that range from small practice rinks to large hockey arenas and major figure skating championship-class arenas around the world.

Two Model Q-12 Soundsphere loudspeakers mounted 30 ft. (9.2m) above center ice in a rather typical, but quite reverberant ice rink – RT60 of 2.95 sec. at 1 kHz.
  • Full range, dramatic music for public skating and for figure skaters, especially with the Q-SB sub-bass supplement.
  • Our bracket kits make it easy to install and adjust multiple speakers in a central point source system, important for reverberant areas.
  • Lightweight speakers do not require special roof support, etc.
  • Soundsphere loudspeakers are easy to demonstrate in retrofit situations. A very large percentage of demonstrations result in sales.

Ice Rink
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