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Gold’s Gym uses Q-8 Loudspeakers

Golds Gym Health Club
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At Gold’s Gym in Belleville, NJ, nine (9) Model Q-8 Soundsphere loudspeakers were mounted 17 ft. (5.2m) above the floor in a fitness center with a reverberation time of 1.2 seconds at 1 kHz.
  • Full frequency sound throughout the coverage area at high SPL levels is possible with fewer Soundsphere speakers than with conventional speakers.
  • Great mounting flexibility: Soundsphere speakers can be mounted on walls, ceilings, floors or suspended from beams, pipes, etc.
  • No hot spots; no dead spots in coverage area.
  • Soundsphere speakers are easy to install and easy to move if the layout of the facility changes.
  • Larger model Soundsphere speakers with high SPL capability combined with a Soundsphere sub-bass speaker are perfect for areas where high fidelity sound at high SPL levels is required.
  • Rugged fiberglass enclosures withstand impact from sports implements such as basketballs, racquetballs, etc.
  • Standard and custom colors are available to match decor.

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