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CSS Presentation Systems uses Q-CS Loudspeakers with Video Projection Systems

Video Projection Systems
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CCS Presentation Systems is one of the nation’s largest full-service audio / video system providers. They set to work designing a full audio package around Soundsphere’s Q-CS Loudspeaker, a model ideal for hemispherical dispersion of clear speech and full-range music in low-ceiling applications.

The unique wide coverage and quality sound of the Q-CS enabled them to develop the EPA (Enhanced Projector Audio) system, a self-powered, self contained sound package that, with a single speaker, greatly improves the audio performance of ceiling-mounted projectors in rooms up to 30 x 30 ft.

The Q-CS loudspeakers offer 360°, full-range coverage, ease of installation and affordable price tag. Soundsphere makes it easy to add electronics to the Q-CS for direct integration into projection systems by providing them the speakers direct from the factory in a custom configuration.