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Q-CS Power1 Loudspeaker

Powered Loudspeaker

Q-CS Power1 Loudspeaker
Q-CS Power1 Powered Loudspeaker



Full frequency sound and particularly broad coverage, with direct connection to video projectors and computers with no additional equipment needed.

The Q-CS Power1 is a compact powered loudspeaker with a built in 15W amplifier. The Q-CS is designed for low finished ceiling installations requiring clear voice announcements and full-range music reproduction, even at background levels.

Ideal for • Classrooms • Meeting Rooms • Conference Centers • Boardrooms • Lecture Rooms • any other low ceiling applications where convenience and simplicity of a powered loudspeaker are desired.

The Power1 amplifier features two inputs that each accept L and R stereo signals, which are electronically summed internally, eliminating the need for external stereo to mono passive summing devices. Both inputs have gain trim, and there is a master gain control. The Q-CS features a coaxial 8 in. driver. Like all Soundsphere loudspeakers, it offers 180° x 360° dispersion. Fewer speakers are needed for better coverage – a single Q-CS Power1 can cover a large area with high quality sound.

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Q-CS Power1 Features:
  • 15W built in amplifier
  • 2 Stereo inputs with gain controls
  • 2 way 8 in. coaxial driver
  • 180° x 360° dispersion
  • Fewer speakers needed for better coverage
  • Single speaker covers large area
  • Made in the USA
Q-CS Power1 Specifications:

Power Output at 8 ohms 15 Watts RMS
Input Impedance 10K ohms
Input Gain Range -10 to 0 dB
THD+N 1 kHz @ 15W ≤ 0.5%
Gain 20-30 dB
Input Sensitivity for 15W RMS Output 365-1100m V RMS
Power Input 24VDC 1.2A
Protection Speaker short
Speaker lead shot to ground
Power supply polarity

Sensitivity 89 dB; 1W/1m
Maximum SPL 101 dB; 15W/1m
Power Handling 15 Watts RMS
Frequency Response 55 Hz to 16 kHz ± 4 dB
Coverage 180° vertical
360° horizontal
Weight 7.7 lbs. (3.5 kg)
Shipping Weight 10 lbs. (5 kg)
Size Enclosure: 7 3/8 in. dia. x 8 1/8 in. high (187mm x 206mm)
Mounting Flange: 11 7/8 in. dia. (302mm)
Grille: 12 1/2 in. dia. x 1 5/8 in. high (318mm x 41mm)
Driver Coaxial: 8 in. LF, 1/2 in. dome HF
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Q-CS Power1 Images:

Soundsphere Loudspeaker

Conventional Loudspeaker

Q-CS Power1

Q-CS Power1 Video Application
Q-CS Power1 Boardroom Application
Q-CS Power1 Classroom Application

Q-CS Power1 Auditorium Application

Q-CS Power1 Speaker

Q-CS Power1 Drawing