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Aero Series Speakers

Compact, Mid-Size, Full-Size & Subwoofer Line Array Systems for Portable or Fixed Installations

Aero Series Line Array Speaker Applications Include: Theaters, Houses of Worship, Live Venues, Bars, Clubs and Performing Arts Centers.

Aero Line Array Speakers

The Aero line array systems provides audio professionals with a lightweight, high output array that offers exceptional audio fidelity.

The increasingly demanding levels of performance expected from sound reinforcement systems has led system designers to search for new ways of providing higher sound pressure levels and improved coverage across large audience areas. Typically, the solution has been to use more powerful loudspeakers or to simply increase the number of units used in order to achieve the desired SPL and coverage requirements.

The most common configurations group large numbers of systems in clusters that fan out horizontally. In practice, this type of arrangement produces sound waves radianted by the loudspeaker units which do not sum coherently, creating destructive interference, degrading overall sound quality and wasting acoustic energy. To achieve the goal of providing a coherent, predictable wavefront, DAS engineers have developed the AERO Series, based on the theory of the line-source array.

Whether the system be mobile or permanently installed, ground stacked or flown, the Aero series performs flawlessly providing users with exceptional sonic quality and unparalleled convenience.