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ProLink Wireless Intercom System

Easy to Set-Up and Easy to Operate

ProLink Wireless Intercom System
ProLink Wireless Intercom System

starting at: $498


ProLink is a digital wireless intercom system that is easy to configure and easy to operate. The system allows duplex communication by four users with a master belt pack and three remote belt packs. The transmitter and receiver operate utilizing in the FCC license free 902-928 MHz range for the U.S. without the need for a base station.

The ergonomically designed belt packs have a sturdy XLR headset jack, two heavy duty antennas, headset volume control, microphone gain control, A/B channel selection and PTT or Always On mode. The Out of Range LED indicator tells each user when to move closer to the master belt pack. A gang charger is available to charge up to four belt packs on one device. Anchor has simplified the purchasing process by creating a four-person package at competitive pricing.

Use Anchor ProLink back stage at aschool play, in a news studio, on the football field, and more!

ProLink™ is a digital wireless intercom system that is easy to set-up and easy to operate. The system allows full duplex communication with one master belt pack and three remote belt packs without the need for a base station.

WingMAN Interface Station
You can interface Anchor ProLink wireless with the wired systems including PortaCom and other 2-wire party line unbalanced systems using WM-9000. (When using Anchor ProLink with a wired PortaCom system, substitute the WingMAN for the Master remote. The Anchor ProLink Master will not work when the WingMAN is in use.)
  • Duplex Communication
  • Two Wireless Channels
  • Two Wired Channels
  • Easy Operation
  • Rack Mount Kit Available
ProLink Features:
  • Peer to peer communication
  • No base station required
  • FCC license free
  • 250 ft. range – even thru glass and walls
  • Heavy duty 4 pin XLR connector
  • Choice of single or dual muff headsets
  • A/B channel selection
  • "Push to Talk" or "Always On" modes
  • Microphone gain setting
  • Out of range indicator LED
  • Low battery indicator LED
  • Charging indicator LED
  • Rechargeable batteries included
  • Gang charger for four belt packs
  • Encryption option available
  • Made in the USA
ProLink Packages:

ProLink Pro-40 Package$2850
  • ONE BP-9000M Master Belt Pack

  • THREE BP-9000R Remote Belt Packs

  • Choice of FOUR Headsets:
    •H-2000 Dual
    •H-2000S Single Ear Muff

  • ONE GC-9000 Gang Charger

  • ONE Sturdy Cardboard Carrying Case

ProLink Pro-70 Package$4999
  • TWO BP-9000M Master Belt Pack

  • FIVE BP-9000R Remote Belt Packs

  • Choice of SEVEN Headsets:
    •H-2000 Dual
    •H-2000S Single Ear Muff

  • TWO GC-9000 Gang Charger

  • TWO Sturdy Cardboard Carrying Case

ProLink Components:

Part No.




PROLINK-PRO-40 ProLink Pro-40 Package $2850  
PROLINK-PRO-70 ProLink Pro-70 Package $4999  
BP-9000M ProLink Master Belt Pack $498  
BP-9000R ProLink Remote Belt Pack $498  
BP-9000L Listen Only Belt Pack $392  

H-2000 Headset – Dual $203  
H-2000S Headset – Single $209  
H-2000L Headset – Dual (Listen Only) $202  
H-2000LS Headset – Single (Listen Only) $202  
H-2000LT Headset – Lightweight $  

HC-1600PL Pelican Case w/ Pick ’N Pluck Foam $176  

ANT-CABLE Antenna Extension Cable $29  

RM-9000 Rackmount for WM-9000 $72  
AB-9000 Antenna Bracket for WM-9000 $96  

GC-9000 Gang Charger – 110/220 AC $35  
WM-9000 WingMan Interface $378  
ProLink Specifications:

RF Frequency Range 902-928MHz
Modulation FSK
Range (line of sight) Duplex 250 ft. / 75 m
Antenna 1/2 – wavelength dipole
Power Supply 9VDC, 1.2ADC
Battery Life 15 hours
Weight 15 Oz.
0.42 Kg (W/ batteries)
Dimensions (HWD) 4.5 x 6.25 x 3.75 in.
114.3 x 158.75 x 95.25 mm

Single-Ear (H-2000S) & Dual-Ear (H-2000) Headphones
Drivers Dynamic, 40mm
Impedance 300ohm +/- 15%
Frequency Response 20Hz – 20kHz
SPL 91dB +/- 3dB
Rated Power > 40mW
Distortion < 5%
Microphone Dynamic, Uni-directional, Low impedance
Mic Sensitivity Referenced to 0dB=1V/Ábar, 1kHz Min -85 dB / Typical -83 dB / Max -81 dB
Frequency Response 200Hz-12kHz
Connector Plug 4-pin XLR, female
Weight Single: 13 oz. / 0.37 kg
Dual: 16 oz. / 0.45 kg